to colour or not to colour

To colour or not to colour? That is the question...

So many clients ask about colour and what colour can do for them, and of course the answer is as diverse as the people who ask the question.

Book you bridal tan today

Bridal season is well and truly amongst us and if you'll be getting married this year, think about booking in your tan fittings in plenty of time to make sure you get your glow spot on for your big day.

bridal tan

Spots: 5 Skin mistakes you're making.

spot guidance

and what to do instead...

No matter what age you are, diet, stress, hormones and environment can all contribute to spots rearing their ugly (white)heads. Yet in a desperate effort to banish them, it’s easy to exacerbate – rather than alleviate – the problem.

So here’s five of the most common spot-related mistakes – and what to do instead when an eruption threatens…

IPL hair reduction, is all IPL the same?

We are sometimes asked if all IPL is the same, and why do prices vary from salon to salon. As is often the case the answer is not simple, but to give a one word answer to the question is all IPL the same the answer is NO!

IPL hair removal 2