IPL hair reduction, is all IPL the same?

We are sometimes asked if all IPL is the same, and why do prices vary from salon to salon. As is often the case the answer is not simple, but to give a one word answer to the question is all IPL the same the answer is NO!

To put it as simply as possible, in order to kill the hair follicle a certain amount of power needs to be applied for a certain amount of time to be effective. At the quality end of the market there are a very few equipment manufacturers making equipment to the power and effectiveness that we would consider professional equipment.

As with all beauty treatments, the longer the time needed for the treatment the more expensive it is. So it pays for any IPL treatment to be as quick as possible to keep the cost of treatment down. However, there is a balance between treating fast, and treating effectively to kill off the hair follicles, otherwise the hair will grow back. So if a salon offers a system that can achieve an unusually fast coverage of the area you want treating, then it would not be unrealistic to deduce that the treatment may not be as effective as it could or should be compared to the recognised professional equipment manufacturers.

Another significant part of the cost of IPL treatment is the cost of purchasing and servicing the professional level equipment. As you can imagine, the high end equipment is pretty expensive, and a professional salon will have an on-going maintenance contract to ensure the settings and power remain in range and the machine is performing to the highest standards, and that the lamps are changed on time to maintain the power of each shot. This cost is significant for a professional machine, and forms a significant part of the cost of treatment. Nowadays it is possible to buy a cheap machine direct from China on ebay and set up as an IPL operator. These cheap machines tend not to deliver consistent results, or operate at a level powerful enough to give significant long term hair reduction, and as they are not supported directly by the manufacturer, are often not serviced regularly and checked for correct operation and power release. So you can get cheap offers, but the results will be disappointing.

At HEAD to TOE we choose to work with Lynton Lasers Ltd, the only company who manufacturers an IPL machine that is approved by the NHS, and we chose to use the machine that is approved by the NHS, the Lumina. All of our Therapist's who offer IPL treatment are trained by Lynton and have passed their strict training and testing programme. The results we are seeing are simply fantastic, but hair grows in different stages, so a number of treatments are required to have a real impact, so again, if a salon says you only need 3-6 treatments, then they are deceiving you, yes you can see results in that time, but due to the cycle of hair growth, the overall treatment time generally takes longer than this to get a good level of clearance.

If you would like to find out a 'real' honest appraisal of what IPL can do for you, then call us today on (01865) 730044, we often have great offers running to help you save money, so ask about our offers and let today be the start of your journey of hair reduction.


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