to colour or not to colour

To colour or not to colour? That is the question...

So many clients ask about colour and what colour can do for them, and of course the answer is as diverse as the people who ask the question.

The beauty of colour is that in a professional salon it can be taylored specifically to you. The best results are always achieved when we know you best. That is, to know your target look, your hopes and aims, your lifestyle, your maintenance needs, your hair condition, and of course the colour you are before we start. A professional consultation will allow you to impart all of this information to your stylist so that together you formulate a plan that allows you to achieve the goals you set out to achieve, whilst the stylist ensures the results match your goals and look stunning, are safely achieved and leave your hair in great condition. Everyone can benefit from professional colour enhancement to their hair, the key is to achieve it together, with your stylist so that you get joy from your new colour long after you have left the salon. Call today to book your colour consultation (01865) 730044.