The Correct Order to Apply Products in Your Skincare Routine

ELEMIS ultimate guide product layering

1. Make-up Remover

The first step is easy – if you are wearing make-up, it’s imperative to take it off. Look for an effective but gentle make-up remover that will remove all traces of mascara and eyeliner, leaving your skin ready for a thorough cleanse.

2. Cleanser

Now that your skin is free from make-up, it’s time to sweep away the day’s dirt and grime. Whether you prefer a cleansing balm, oil or cream formula, every great skincare routine begins with a proper cleanse – it is the foundation for healthy skin. Effective cleansing will rid the skin barrier from a daily build-up of aggressors – think sweat, city smog and pollution – without upsetting the natural pH levels of the acid mantle.

3. Exfoliator

Exfoliators should be used once or twice a week to renew dull, congested skin. Whether you opt for a physical or chemical formulation – physical scrubs ‘slough away’ dead skin cells, while chemical acids dissolve them - your face exfoliator should offer intense renewal for when your skin needs an extra-deep cleanse.

4. Toner

All skin types require toning. With a consistency similar to water, your toner’s job is to balance the skin barrier’s pH after cleansing – the optimum number is 5.5 – while removing any remaining residue as well as minerals that may be found in tap water.

5. Face Mask

ELEMIS recommends applying a mask at this point in your routine once to twice per week. Your toner will have balanced the skin barrier, leaving it perfectly prepped for the potent ingredients in a face mask to be deliver deep into the epidermis.

6. Facial Oil

facial oil should be the first step in the ‘treatment’ phase of your daily skincare routine, as the massaging process helps to smooth and soften the skin, ensuring it’s fully prepped for what is to come.

7. Serum

Serums sink effortlessly into the skin’s deeper layers to deliver a potent hit of actives and target your primary skin concerns – be it ageing, pollution, blemishes, or irritation. Your choice of serum may well change throughout the month to meet the demands of your skin.

8. Eye cream

It is important to apply your eye cream next, as you want it to sink into this delicate skin before applying your face moisturiser. This is to ensure the actives within are delivered straight to the eye area. It’s important to treat this skin delicately, tapping the product onto the skin without dragging or rubbing.

9. Moisturiser

The densest product in the line-up, your moisturiser will seal in the other skincare products that came before it, ensuring optimum efficacy from all those powerful actives. If your skin’s feeling especially dry, you can finish with a couple of drops of your preferred facial oil, pressed over the top.

10. SPF

SPF is essential to keep your skin protected – and not just on sunny days. Your moisturiser may already have you covered (look for both UVA and UVB protection,) but if you are using a separate product then it is best to apply it after moisturising. It is a good idea to wait a few minutes after applying your moisturiser, ensuring the skin has absorbed it fully before reaching for the SPF cream.

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